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  Welcome to MelArtistry Creates! I am Melinda,and I currently reside in the Greater New Orleans Area.I am the originator of MelArtistry,I thought up the name while sitting and sketching in the living room of my home in 2007.  It is the combination of my name and how long I've been doing what I do. Which is why I call it Artistry.The ART History of Melinda G. Francis. I am pleased to see that you have visited my page.I am an artist/published illustrator,and what you will see here is a compilation of some of my work which ranges from caricatures,black and white sketches,the use of INKSCAPE,and graphic Design software plus compositions,and more to come! I am a self taught artist,and my work is my own! My skills consist of mostly hand drawn art.. I have never attended any schools for art, but I have been awarded a Proclamation from the City of New Orleans,La. by the City Council in recognizing my work,and my business name,"MelArtistry."I was a member of B.E.N.(Big Easy Network) from '08-'09,in New Orleans,La.What I have is natural talent,and I'm willing to share it with you!

Through networking and resourcing,also utilizing every opportunity to expand, I look forward to building my business with hopes of expose my artwork.

Thanks for visiting, and please come come. Tell someone you know about me and my webpage!

Displaying What I Do



Front Page Art

 A Black and White sketch called "Sisters!"


What Art means to Me!

It means being as free as a butterfly to land on every beautiful  item available,and absorbing the colors that life presents!


What Art Does For Me,..

It's a God given talent given to those who he desired to give it to. It is a way of making life colorful and beautiful. It's a smile ready to surface on an otherwise faceless canvas. It's a way of life. It repairs me when I am emotionally drain,and uplifts those around me,when what I do causes a smile or two.As an artist/Illustrator, I find that Art has a way of helping me relax,and being totally stress free.


Cartoons depict the lighter side of an otherwise chaotic living. It a little levity in which to fill an empty  day.

I love doing cartoons,and I have chosen this field to express my inner child. Hope you love what I have drawn.  


Caricatures are a fun way to view an otherwise serious picture! Don't make every day so serious! If your worst enemy is as a major pain in the butt,..give him an oblong face,and be merry! Lol!

Surreal For real!

Surrealism is a way in which my soul takes a walk to another place,created by me,and understood by me only.

And then allowed to flow  from my pen,transformed into mystery,and intrigue. .

Artwork with a purpose!!


Art in artistry



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